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Zoella on YouNow

If fashion is a crime, then Zoe pleads guilty! Zoe is a 22 year old writer and enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion, and life related. Back in 2009, Zoe decided to take the leap into the beauty blog world by writing short opinion pieces on purchases she made. Her well thought out and informative beauty posts had people noticing. She was named “Beauty Leader” in the Beauty Judge UK Beauty Blog Awards in 2010 and won Cosmopolitan’s ”Established Beauty Blog” award in 2011. 

With an established reputation, Zoe decided to take her opinions to YouTube and has found success to say the least. With over 200 thousand subscribers on her channel Zoella, Zoe discusses beauty and fashion as you would expect, but mixes things with makeup tutorials and vlogs.

Can’t get enough of Zoe? Swing by and every Wednesday at 2pm EDT, 7pm BST on and get your fix.

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