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New Features: Gifts, Coins, Inbox, and Toggle Voting!

Check it out.  We are releasing the following on Monday, March 12, 2012:

1. Gifts are Here! 
Logged-in users can give broadcasters gifts for being awesome!  

These gifts (which include roses, kisses, coins, bling and more!) cost Coins that can be earned by:

  • Broadcasting.
  • Active participation on the site - the more time you spend watching, voting and chatting the more Coins you earn.
  • Daily logins to
  • AND FOR THE MOST COINS: Promoting YouNow by inviting friends to come and login to YouNow. Use the sharing features and earn Coins for each person that came to the site from your Facebook post, Twitter Tweet, Email, Tumblr link, etc.

2. Inbox

You will be informed of important updates & news right on

3. New Voting Logic
Voting will be changed to give all users one vote per minute, with the option to change back and forth, at no cost in Coins. We call this “Toggle Voting.” This will establish a much fairer system of voting that will more beneficial for all users.

4. Bye Bye Points… Hello Coins!
We are introducing YouNow Coins and Points will no longer be available. (NOTE: THIS IS OK, don’t worry! Voting and Chatting are now free!). 

Have questions about these new features? Please see our newly renovated FAQ to get answers:

To ask other questions, sign in to our brand new Support Forums and we will respond there.

We hope you enjoy these exciting new features and we appreciate your feedback.


Dorian Dargan

Operations Manager, YouNow

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