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Q&A With Teen YouTube/YouNow Star Alex Contancio


Q:  For those who don’t know who Alex Contancio is, why don’t you give a brief introduction of yourself? 

A.  My name is Alex Constancio and I do a lot of social media.  I put videos on YouTube and I love to interact with my fans.

Q:  With over 40,000 subs and 2,000,000 views on YouTube.  How did your YouTube rise to fame start out? 

A.  It started out with me and my friend Austin Mahone.  He’s a singer and I would edit videos for him.  He started to blow up really big so he made his own channel and I made my own channel too.  We still work now.


Q:  Seems like you’re totally into music and acting.  Who is your favorite actor?

A.  Christian Beadles.  He does a lot of the same stuff that I do.  A lot of YouTube video and skits.  He’s just really funny guy and I look up to him because he started out the same way I did.              

Q.  And you favorite singer?

A.  Probably Justin Beiber because he inspired me and Austin to get started on what we’re doing now.  

Q:  What is a typical day like for Alex?  From when you wake up to you go to sleep. 

A.  I wake up around 6.  I get ready for school.  Got to school all day and come home around 3:30 and hang out with my friends.  And make videos after school.  I got to school like a normal kid.

Q:  You’ve been on YouNow for about a month now.  What do you like best about the site? 

A.  I really like how it’s very interactive.  It’s really easy to see that chat and see all my fans talking.  I love how they can broadcast and I can watch them.  It’s just really easy to interact with them and that’s why I really like it a lot.  I think it’s really fun.  

Q:  Are there any projects you are working on now?

A.  Right now I have a radio interview coming up soon.  I’m working on new videos with my friends.  In the summer I’m going to start to do a lot more acting.  I don’t have much time because of school, but in the summer I’ll have a lot more going and I’ll have a lot more videos coming up. 

Q.  What can you fans expect from you in the future? 

A lot more videos.  Different kinds of videos.  I’m going to start trying to do skits and a lot more bigger stuff.  And more acting from me.

Q:  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?  Finish this quote, “when I grow up I want to be…” 

A.  On TV.  I just wanted people to watch me on tv.   I don’t know why.  I just wanted to be on TV, whether it was one of those people in the back whenever someone is telling the news and I’m just waving my hands.  Or at a baseball game, I just wanted to be on TV for some reason. 

Q:  Social Media…How has it changed the world? 

A.  It def changes the way that everyone interacts with each other.  Without it if you think about it we would only know the people that are in our town and that are close by. Now we can talk to people that are around the world.  We can get out our videos around [the world] and spread it everywhere.

Q.  How has it changed your world?

A.  It’s definitely changed my world completely.  Without it I would have no idea what I would be doing nowadays.  I would probably just be playing video games all day. 

Q:  Where do you see the world in 25 years? 

A.  That’s crazy.  If social media is still big, I don’t know what else there could be.  People watch the internet now than they do TV so I don’t know what could be next.  Social media would probably bigger than ever.  Maybe flying cars and stuff like that. 

Q:  I’m sure there are a ton of out there who have a crush on you.  But Who is your celebrity crush?


 A.  I probably have to go with Victoria Justice.  Just because I think she’s gorgeous. 

Q:  Seems like you’re really good at solving a Rubik’s cube.  That’s pretty cool.  How did that come about?  Do you have any other secret talents?

A.  When you buy a Rubik’s cube it comes with instructions with algorithms and that’s how you solved it.  I wanted to do it so bad.  I just though it would be the coolest things to be able to solve on of those out of nowhere because people would think you’re the coolest.  I memorized all those little movements so no its just easy. 

Q:  Do you have any secret talents no one knows about?

A.  I used to race dirtbikes around [Texas].  I was pretty good.  I couldn’t ride all the time because I would only ride when I got to my dads.  And that was ever other weekend.  But I though I was pretty good for only riding every two weeks. Until I broke my leg and no I don’t ride that much anymore.  

You can catch Alex on YouNow every Monday on the Show’s channel.  Be sure to check him out!

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