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Why I Love YouNow - by Danny Tee

Hey there. My name’s Danny Tee and I first started YouNow in the middle of January after my friend Spike Padley introduced me to the site. I decided to give it a shot and did my first broadcast, and I haven’t looked back since.

At time of writing this, I’ve been on YouNow for just over a month, and already a lot has changed about me - I’m more talkative, I’m more confident in myself and my self-esteem has improved - and this has been the main reason why I started broadcasting. Truth be told, I actually didn’t know about the prizes you get from getting fans until after my first week on the site, and I’ve recently won the HD webcam. I’ve encountered many people from all walks of life during my time here, and I’ve enjoyed meeting every one of them - even the “haters”.

Now, one of my biggest worries about joining this site was the amount of people who are aged 21 and younger, and that I wouldn’t have a place here, but after seeing the likes of MsSassy Neighbour, I learned that no matter how old you are, there will always be an appreciative audience. And it is through this that I’ve made some amazing friends (such as James Jones, Krissy Hunt, Corey-Jake Middleton, Piers Roberts, Rosie Cotton, Abigail Green, Adam Shallcross and Nick and Adam Buongiovanni) and I’m grateful for how welcome they’ve made me feel.

And I probably would not be on here had it not been for the support of two friends of mine - Thomas Wetherall and Robert Kinbrum - who encouraged me to carry on when I first started out. This site has done so much for me, not just in building up my esteem but also by giving me motivation to make videos on my Youtube channel. I’ve done things I never thought I’d do - I’ve sang, I’ve taken up keyboard again, I’ve danced (despite my terrible moves) and I’ve even dressed up, all for the amusement of you guys.

So this is my thanks, to the amazing team behind YouNow for all their hard work into this website, it’s completely amazing and it’s addictive. I enjoy taking part in the karaoke competition and the Reality School Game Show every week. And also thanks to the many people who became a fan, because it’s not just the broadcasters who make the site what it is, it’s those who like to watch too. I’m glad to have entertained you all in some way, and I hope I can continue to do so in future.

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